Detailed Evaluation and Personalized Visa Application Strategy




PassRight’s expert legal team will conduct a thorough analysis of your case and present you with the following:

  •  Personalized strategy that outlines in detail your best path to making a successful O-1 or Green Card application.
  • a) How to best position yourself
  • b) Which factors you will need to improve
  • c) Which factors you already meet
  • d) Specific documentation needed to support each factor
  • e) The amount of time it will take to prepare your application
  • f) Expert prediction of your chance of success
  • g) PassRight’s valuable references for service providers if necessary
  • ● 30-minute consultation with PassRight’s CEO Joanna who will provide you with detailed step-by-step guidance on how we will bring you to a successful visa application.
  • ● $1000 credit towards your visa application prepared by PassRight
  • Once you complete the questionnaire you will receive your results back within three business days. You can view a sample of the detailed evaluation report plus personalized strategy you might receive by clicking the button below.


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