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None of the products guarantee obtaining a Visa or a Green Card. The final decision is made by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Passright is not affiliated with USCIS, nor is it an intermediary between the USCIS and the client.

Building a strong petition is a challenging task. There are many significant pieces, and sometimes small details are missed or overlooked. Having support and getting an outside perspective can be crucial for the success of your case. During your case review, our attorney will review your Request For Evidence (if applicable) and:

  • Recommend the best order for the arguments/components  (e.g., we recommend adjusting the order in which your evidence is presented. We should prioritize the “Essential Capacity” criteria, and putting it at the beginning makes your case much stronger);
  • Suggest which areas of your case can be stronger and how (e.g., if we feel that the membership component is too weak, our attorney will teach you what are the standards of the USCIS and perhaps there were other organizations that you are a member of but they were not used in the petition);
  • Suggest changes to the recommendation letters (e.g., Your letters of recommendation are of poor quality. They should be much more detailed to support your petition. Our attorneys will highlight the areas that should be improved).
  • Suggest additional factors that could be added to your case (e.g., Your resume indicates that you worked at XYZ Inc., and our attorney thinks that this is strong evidence which should be included in your Essential Capacity criteria).
  • Highlight any inconsistencies in your case.

How does it work?

  1. After making your purchase, you will receive a request to upload your case documentation, including any Requests For Evidence or denial decisions. You will also be asked to schedule a call within five business days, to discuss the details of your case. 
  2. The attorney will get back to you within four business days with the results of the evaluation. This will give you some time to review the information before we have our next call. 
  3. Finally, you will have a 1 hour brainstorming session with the attorney to discuss the areas for potential improvement in your case. 

Expected timeline: 2-5 business days.

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